A small prototype of spooky 3D platformer game for UGJ #82. The game has two starter maps, and the game core is 75% complete.


WASD - movement
Space - jump
E - crow monolog, next line
Arrows/Mouse - camera rotation
Esc - pause menu


Left stick - movement
A, Cross - jump
X, Square - crow monolog, next line
Right stick - camera rotation
B, Circle - pause menu

If you want to see the outline effect (it does not work in the browser) or you have problems playing it in the browser, download the PC version.

Leave a comment if you liked the prototype =)


PumpkinBob for Linux 40 MB
Version 0.1 Oct 09, 2023
PumpkinBob for Windows 35 MB
Version 0.1 Oct 09, 2023


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your games does not work




Thank you for playing! (人´∀`)

Not to bad!


Nice short game! I like the arts & I enjoyed the game even though I don't like games where you have to jump. I don't know why it's hard for me to do it. haha

Looking forward to your next project... :)

Thank you for playing =)

It's very cute

For some reason the game reminded me of "Santa Claus in Trouble" nostalgic for me. I have enjoyed playing this game. Great art!

I cant wait to see other levels!

I recorded my gameplay and published on my hobby youtube channel, I hope you are ok with this?

It's ok. Thank you for playing! =)



I thoroughly enjoyed the game! Though I got stuck at the ending, I'm eager to see this game continued. Subscribing to my YouTube channel would be awesome—I'd love to play any future games you create!

31 Days Of Indie Horror Gaming | Unleashing Pumpkin Bob's Dark Secrets - YouTube

Thank you for playing =)

Arrrrrrows! I know, I know, it must be a mouse, I'll fix it after the jam. I just controlled the camera with a gamepad.